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Starve a Flu, Feed a Cold?

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  Starve a Flu and Feed a Cold? The old saying may be only partially good advice… With flu infections reaching their highest levels in over a decade, hospitals across America are packed to capacity this winter.  Follow these tips to keep you and your family as safe as possible! The common cold and the […]

Keeping Your Child Entertained on Cold Winter Days

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Keeping Your Child Entertained on Cold Winter Days     When it’s cold outside , it’s a little harder to keep your child entertained – but who wants to take their children out to play in this brutally cold weather?!?!  Here are a few options to keep everyone happy and warm!   1)  Music and […]

Social Media

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Social Media Probably like yourself, Just 4 Kids Salon likes to stay active on social media.  We feel that it is the very best way to tell our story on the social platforms that mean the most to you.  We also love being social so that we can listen to the things that matter to […]

Summer Camp Packing List

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Summer Camp Packing List Summer camp is a fun time for families – children in particular!  Putting together a good summer camp packing list is especially important. This will ensure your child has as much fun, and stays as safe as possible. Day camps and sleep away camps are a lot of fun.  However, they […]

Mathematics Reinforcement

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Fun Mathematics Reinforcement for your Child Through Educational Television Programs     Teaching children the importance of mathematics is critical to their development.  A math-savvy child can develop them into a highly productive member of society!  Mathematics can be used in the real world for successfully managing important tasks such as:   1.) Balancing a […]

Teaching Kids Value in Doing Laundry

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Teaching Kids Value in Doing Laundry We continue our Just 4 Kids Salon’s blog series on fun ways to teach kids the educational value of completing common household chores.  Today we focus on doing the laundry! Sorting clothes before and after washing is a great way to help young kids match items that are alike.  It […]

Everyday Chores can be used as Educational Tools for Kids

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Even the most mudane household chores such as laundry can teach your kid a lesson in counting and sorting while aiding in their motor development! As Dr. Ellis stated: “Toddlers learn best when they use all their senses. The more they see, feel, hear and touch objects, the better the lessons sink in.” IN THE […]

Valuable Parent Tips for Ensuring a Great Kids Haircut

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Let’s be honest – traditional kids haircuts are not normally enjoyable experiences.  More specifically, boys tend to be much more sensitive to the experience than girls.  This is because physically and mentally, girls generally develop faster than boys.  What’s more, science proves that young females are more welcome and receptive to touch than young males. […]