Pamper Me Spa Birthday Party

Pamper Me Spa Birthday Party

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 (4 – 12 Year Olds)

Pamper Me Spa Birthday Party

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Pamper the birthday girl and her friends with the Pamper Me Spa Birthday Party package. All of your guests are sure to leave feeling like royalty. The Pamper Me Spa Birthday Party is designed for up to 8 girls and includes:

– Robes for the girls to wear during treatment
– Tiara for the birthday princess
– “Mini” Manicure Services
– “Mini” Facial Services
– “Mini” Makeup Services
– Your choice of music for the girls to enjoy and dance to
– 2 Pizza pies
– Juice boxes and bottled water

90 Minutes, Price $550 (Excluding Tax & Gratuity)      –      ($35 per each additional guest)


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“Pamper-Fest” – Inspiration Behind the Pamper Me Spa Birthday Party Package:

Taking time our of your hectic life for a spa day offers so many benefits for both your body and mind.  A spa day birthday party for little girls is a fun chance to act like grown-ups for the day, while also instilling excellent self-preservation habits early in life.  Our Pamper Me Spa Birthday Party is the perfect way to unwind, while also taking care of yourself in the following ways:

1.) Skin Care – Receiving periodic facials throughout life will renew your skin, and give yourself a healthy and youthful glow. In addition to deep cleansing and exfoliating your skin, the massaging of the face can be incredibly relaxing.  Finally, regular facial treatments have been proven to treat acne early in life, and diminish signs of aging later on.

2.) Nail Health – Regular manicures offer some terrific health benefits outside of just getting pampered.  They showcase your hands and feet with a youthful appearance by removing dead skin and hangnails. Further, our trained nail technicians apply special oils and creams to moisturize and nourish skin and cuticles.  This sets a valuable foundation for maintaining youthful looking skin at an early age.

3.) Detoxify – Body treatments and scrubs used on the face and nails deep-clean and moisturize your skin.  Coupled with massage, these treatments help to rid the body of impurities.  Again, establishing good healthy habits early in life provide a strong foundation to looking youthful later in life.  Detoxifying and purifying your body regularly has been proven to boost your immune system, leading to a longer and healthier life!

4.) Have a Self-Renaissance –  Taking a “spa day” has been proven to release endorphins, which help to give a renewed optimism and brighter outlook on life!  Re-discovering your inner beauty will not only glamorize your exterior, but energize your inner-self, offering a profound sense of renewal.  The spa is the ideal setting for self-reflection, rediscovery, inner healing and health.  When little girls learn these valuable lessons early in life, they are more likely to “stick with them” when they grow into adolescents and women.  Relieving stress, soothing your body and refreshing your mind is the backbone of a healthy and happy life.

5.) Glamorize –  Although the most “superficial” of listed benefits, it is still important for every girl to feel beautiful and confident.  Spa services can heal your inner -self, and permeate “through”  the body, exuding an inner glow and confidence that translates into beauty.  When you add in the aesthetic benefits of makeup and nail art, you most certainly help yourself feel beautiful and confident!

So what are you waiting for?  Book a Pamper Me Spa Birthday Party for your little one today!  If you would like to keep browsing our list of fabulous birthday party packages, click back on our Birthday Party Menu now!


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