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Just 4 Kids Salon boasts premium product lines in organic and all-natural kids’ hair, nail and skin care.  We have the largest selection of spa and kids hair care products in Hoboken.  We also provide various children’s products, namely, fashion accessories, footwear, pins, sunglasses, stuffed animals, toys, and other novelties.


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The Science Behind Kids Hair Care Products:

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Children’s Hair Structure

According to the Journal Society of Cosmetic Chemistry, children’s hair is structurally unique from an adult’s. For one, children’s hair is on the average finer, rounder, and lighter in color than adult hair.  Much like nails and skin, hair changes over time. While parents and hair stylists can easily observe the obvious structural differences; Physics, chemistry and biology help to demystify these changes that occur as children grow and develop.  In fact, there are three (3) main phases human hair goes through as it develops.

  1. Lanugo (Primary Hair) – The fetal stage of hair’s life.  It tends to be fine and silky with considerable pigmentation
  2. Vellus (Secondary Hair) – Short, fine and normally non-pigmented, normally associated with children.
  3. Terminal (Tertiary Hair) – Long, coarse, pigmented and associated with fully developed adults.

As such, vellus, or children’s hair is more fragile and delicate than terminal hair and must be cared for accordingly. Kids’ hair simply cannot withstand the abuse that adults’ can, so their shampoos, conditioners and other products must be gentler, all-natural and free from harmful chemicals.

While adult hair is fully developed and can handle the additional abuse of chemicals (on top of the regular “wear and tear” of heat damage and split ends), a child’s hair cannot.  A special formula is needed to leave kids’ hair clean and shiny, while not risking any permanent damage.

Kids Hair Volume

About midway through a mother’s pregnancy (22 weeks), a fetus’ head has nearly a million hair follicles.  This is the maximum a person will have in their lifetime, and additional ones do not grow.  As we age, the volume of hair follicles decreases.  So too does the density of the actual follicles.

Kids Hair Care Products – Breakdown:


Hair Structure

At age one, hair strands are rounder than they ultimately become in adulthood. Hair flattens with increasing age.

The medulla, the central core of the hair, is a developmental characteristic related to age. The presence of a medulla is often associated with coarser hair. Naturally, hair tends to be softer and finer in childhood as a result of the absence of a medulla.  Kids’ hair products need to be carefully created with this in mind.


Hair Color

Children’s hair tends to darken with age, most rapidly between six and 18 years old. Because young hair has less melanin (pigment) than its mature counterpart, it is more transparent than adults. Transparency decreases with age, so younger hair might appear cooler (less red) in appearance.


Kids Hair Care Products –  “Chemistry”

During a baby’s infancy, their hormone levels are held steadily in check at low levels.  Because of this, babies’ hair and skin is more sensitive, and not required to be washed every day.  Sebum, the hair’s protective “waxy” coating, rebuilds itself every 2-3 days in the average adult. Babies however experience much slower sebum growth.  In summary, the chemical structure of children’s hair is still in the formation stage early in life.  Although not required to be washed as regularly as adult hair, children’s hair products need to account for the difference in structure and chemistry, and must be gentler overall.  Traditional adult hair products simply will not do!

Just 4 Kids Salon’s product lines include:

Original Sprout, Fairy Tales, California Baby and Hot Tot.


Kids Hair Care Products – The Importance of Safe Ingredients

Biological infancy prevents a child’s immune system to detoxify harmful chemicals, such as those found in adult shampoos and conditioners.  This inherent deficiency leaves them vulnerable to toxic substances and impurities early in life.  We believe it is important to mention certain ingredients that our products do not contain, as safety need not compromise great style and product performance.

Since kid-friendly, quality hair products can perform at a high level without risking child safety, here is a list of toxins and chemicals that our products do NOT contain:

Parabens are preservatives commonly found in pharmaceutical and cosmetic products.  They can cause allergic reactions, skin irritation and are even found in breast tumors.  Parabens have also been known to adversely affect the male reproductive system.  A study conducted in Tokyo revealed that increased exposure to parabens resulted in low sperm count.

This evidence alone should be reason enough to ensure that these harmful chemicals don’t come anywhere near safe and all-natural kids hair products.


Kids Hair Care Products – All-Natural Formulas


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Our special line of all-natural kids hair products contain a special proprietary formula.  Through years of research, testing and quality assurance, they contain the perfect combination and proportion of highly effective organic ingredients.  These patented formulas perform at optimum levels, while exceeding the highest standards of safety.  We simply care too much about the products you will use on your family.  Again, children’s hair is too sensitive for traditional adult products and we refuse to subject their fine follicles to that level of abuse.

Infused with powerful antioxidants, our kids hair products safely protect hair from harmful radicals and impurities.  Similar to moisturizer for skin, these beneficial ingredients actually prevent oxidation damage and aging (even at such an early age).  Our revolutionary pollution control system keeps young hair pristine.

Here is a brief list of some of the beneficial ingredients our products do contain:

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