Head Lice Treatment Hoboken and Lice Removal

Just 4 Kids Salon Head Lice Treatment and Removal Process
Artist rendition of lice treatment process. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead is not intended, and purely coincidental.

Just 4 Kids Salon & Birthday Party Boutique Nail Spa – New Jersey’s Most Trusted Offsite Head Lice Treatment Hoboken and Removal Professionals Offsite, All-Natural Solutions Guaranteed to Restore Order to the Chaos and Havoc that Lice Outbreaks Wreak on Frenzied Families

   Lice Treatment and Removal Process Guarantee

Head Lice Treatment Hoboken and Lice Removal – Our Mission

Just 4 Kids Salon’s mission is clear – We eradicate lice.  Throughout our head lice treatment Hoboken and lice removal process, we help your family through a very difficult and frustrating time in your lives.  Further, we consult and guide you through each and every step.  From initial detection through certification of removal.  We are already a trusted source in the community.  We are kids’ hair experts!  Further, we are North Jersey’s number one professional offsite head lice treatment and lice removal service.

Unlike our competitors, we DO NOT treat lice in our salons.  Quite frankly, it’s unsanitary.  But even more than that, it subjects you and your children to unnecessary stress and embarrassment.  Our offsite head lice treatment and removal services are completely discreet. Further, Just 4 Kids are the New Jersey Lice Experts. Our products are all natural and non-toxic.  Also – Our services are guaranteed.  Finally, our lice treatment and removal kit comes complete with instructions and is led and engineered by our trained and friendly “K9 Team.”

Facts about Head Lice - Main
Artist rendition of lice treatment process. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead is purely coincidental.

Head Lice Treatment Hoboken and Lice Removal Process – The Just 4 Kids’ Difference

Why Our Lice Treatment and Removal System is Simply Better Than the Rest – Just 4 Kids are New Jersey’s most trusted experts for safely and effectively removing head lice.  Further, we follow a proven, offsite, and kid-friendly process.  Our system starts with highly skilled lice treatment and removal technicians.  Next, an effective “tool belt” of specialized combs, all-natural creams, shampoos and rinses. Finally, Safe and speedy eradication of nits and lice. This allows your child to get back to school quickly.  Furthermore, it allows you to get back to what you do best – running your family!

Head Lice Treatment Hoboken and Lice Removal Process

 Lice Inspection & Detection – Just 4 Kids professional technicians manually screen the scalp and hair strands for both lice and nits. Further, it is highly recommended your entire family come in for a lice inspection.  This is because multiple infestations within a family are common.
 “Splitting Hairs” – Upon a positive identification of nits and lice, our K9 team gets started.  We begin with an intensive nit-picking process.  Each and every parasite is manually removed during this process.  Next, via specialized combs and rinses – Our Just 4 Kids “K9 Team” safely and effectively removes all nits and lice bugs.
 Eradication Treatment – The third step of the system is critical.  It consists of our lice treatment via the application of non-toxic products.  Just 4 Kids utilizes a special all-natural and non-toxic shampoo.  The special shampoo is designed to eradicate lice.  Simply put, it damages the central nervous system of the bugs.  Further, it loosens the glue that fastens the egg to the hair.  
 Follow-up Inspection & Certification – We go the extra mile!  This is to ensure you gain the peace of mind you deserve as a parent.  We do this by scheduling a follow-up inspection 2-5 days after the initial treatment.  After the lice eradication has been confirmed, call us to come in.  We will provide a special (and well-deserved) Certificate of Bravery to your little one.

Head Lice Treatment Hoboken and Lice Removal Process – Pricing, Scheduling & Next Steps

Call our 24/7 lice hotline today at (201) 653-5887 to schedule an offsite lice treatment and removal appointment. Prices include a complimentary bottle of our all-natural lice treatment and removal formula. Parents!  If you have questions or concerns, give us a call directly and ask to speak with a lice removal specialist.  Finally, call us today!

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