Just 4 Kids Salon – Printable Kids Birthday Party Invitations

Due to the high demand, we decided to design and offer free, printable kids birthday party invitations !  They include the Just 4 Kids Salon logo, along with a specific design to tailor to your child’s personality!  There are four in total.  Also, feel free to choose or mix and match!  Finally, they are best printed on cardboard stock paper on a quality color laser jet printer.  Simply click on the design that you like, and a .jpg will appear with four invitations per page.  Enjoy!

Just 4 Kids Salon - Birthday Parties - Lets Celebrate Invite

Just 4 Kids Salon - Birthday Party - Diva Invite

Just 4 Kids Salon – Birthday Parties – Super Star Invite

Just 4 Kids Salon - Birthday Parties - Strike a Pose Invite































































Printable Kids Birthday Party Invitations


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