Just 4 Kids Salon Summer Camp Hoboken

The gift of knowledge is priceless.  Give your child a wonderful, fun and educational Summer Camp Hoboken experience!  Also, get some well-needed ME TIME for you!  Summer Camp sessions are available Monday thru Friday, from July 2nd until August 31st.  Call salon if interested in learning more.  Furthermore, click below!  You can book our summer camp sessions online!

Just 4 Kids Salon Summer Camp Hoboken
Summer Camp Hoboken at Just 4 Kids Salon!

Etiquette and Finishing School Summer Camp Hoboken:

Good manners are timeless and essential for all children.  Furthermore, Just 4 Kids Salon’s Summer Camp Hoboken teaches kids the foundation of all social etiquette.  In addition, children will learn important life lessons.  These include kindness, consideration and respect and how to carry those virtues over in to everyday life.

Parents! Give your kids a wonderful learning experience.  Not to mention some well deserved “me-time” for you!  In summary, we offer a wide-array of fun etiquette and finishing classes.  These are specially designed for your little one!

Full Week Summer Camp and Unlimited Summer Camp registrations will also receive weekly grooming services. These include haircuts, facials and manciures!  Also – services and tips on other skin care!  

Classes will include the following.:

Table Manners – Hosting a dinner party

Party Etiquette – Being a considerate guest at one – as a result – you child will learn to be a great friend!

Verbal.  Most of All – Conversations and thank you notes

Passive.  Developing good listening skills – therefore, your child will gain invaluable communication skills going forward in life!

Manners in Motion.  Understanding the importance of Good Sportsmanship, and how to win and lose with dignity

Etiquette in Public.  Learning how to behave in theaters, museums and at sporting events

Grooming.  Making the most of your appearance (Includes free salon and spa services!)

Making and Keeping Lifelong Friends.  Almost all people can benefit from this!

Anti-Bullying Courses – Summer Camp Hoboken:

Our Summer Camp Hoboken package also includes anti-bullying classes.  As a result, your child will learn invaluable lessons on leadership, communication and respect for others.  This will emphasize important leadership skills in your child, as opposed to simply following others!

Visual.  Confidence and poise.  As a result, you will demonstrate to others that you are a force to be reckoned with.

Respect for One’s Elders – Greeting adults and relatives

Social Media and Telephone Etiquette.  In addition to valuable Anti-Bullying Courses!

Social Skills and Good Communication – Furthermore, being able to effectively stand up for yourself and your beliefs.

Plus much more!  In addition – your child will partake in educational team games and exercises to reinforce all learned material!  Most noteworthy – your child will receive free salon treatments weekly for skin, hair and nails!

The list of benefits of our full week summer camp are endless!  Most of all – If you book a full week camp mid-week, you will still qualify for a week’s worth of courses (Ex. Wednesday to the following Wednesday).

In conclusion, our summer camp is awesome!  It will provide your child with lifelong lessons in leadership.  Not to mention friendship and respect! 🙂

Ages 3 & Up


-Half Day (9 AM – Noon) – $60

-Full Day (9 AM – 4 PM) – $90

-Week Long (Full Day) – $400

-Full Week (Half Days) – $250

Call Salon to Register as Space is Limited!

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