Just 4 Kids Salon’s First Haircut Package – Mundan Ceremony Chudakarana Ceremony

Just 4 Kids Salon Mundan Ceremony Chudakarana CeremonyJust 4 Kids Salon is a great place for Hindu Families to celebrate their child’s Mundan Ceremony Chudakarana Ceremony!  

In the Hindu faith, a child’s first haircut is considered very sacred, and the hair is shaved and kept as an offering to the Gods.  As such, your child’s first haircut is a priceless, once-in-a-lifetime event!  Just 4 Kids Salon’s First Haircut Package is a celebration that your entire family is invited to partake in.  We promise to deliver a wonderful experience and a “baby-book worthy” keepsake to cherish forever! Our experienced staff are specially trained to complete the Mundan Ceremony Chudakarana Ceremony.  Further, each service comes complete with a certificate, lock of hair, toy and an organic lollipop!  We also save all other hair clipped and store it in a plastic bag for your convenience.

History of  Mundan Ceremony Chudakarana Ceremony (From Wikipedia):

The Chudakarana (Sanskrit: चूड़ाकरण, lit, arrangement of the hair tuft) or the Mundan (Sanskrit: मुण्डन, lit. tonsure), is the eighth of the sixteen Hindu saṃskāras (sacraments), in which a child receives their first haircut.

Next, according to the Grhya Sutras, this samskara should take place at the end of first year or before the expiry of the third year, but the later authorities extend the age to the seventh year.[1] The child’s hair is shorn, frequently leaving only the śikhā or cūḍā, a tuft at the crown of the head.

Originally, the arrangement of the śikhā was the most significant feature of the Chudakarana or Mundan.  Also, the number of tufts was determined by the number of the pravaras belonging to the gotra of the child. Later, in northern India, keeping only one tuft became universal. But in the Deccan and southern India, earlier traditions remained alive to some extent.[2]

In tradition, the hair from birth is associated with undesirable traits from past lives. Thus at the time of the mundan, the child is freshly shaven to signify freedom from the past and moving into the future. Finally, the rite is performed as a special ceremony in most homes or salons, for young girls and boys.

Just 4 Kids Salon Mundan Ceremony Chudakarana Ceremony Tips

A Child’s first haircut can be an uncomfortable and scary experience.  Also, your child may be apprehensive about having their hair cut for the first time.  So, we make things fun with the following:

  • Choice of Red Enzo Ferrari, Yellow Hummer, Green Lamborghini or White Mercedes Car Styling Chairs
  • Flat Screen TV’s
  • Apple TV with a Wide Array of Kid-Friendly Programs
  • Shaving and Storing of all Hair
  • Organic Lollipops
  • Video Games
  • Toy of your Choice
  • Bubbles

Special Price: $45 ($47 on Weekends)

*Walk-ins are NOT recommended on Saturdays and Sundays.

**NO SHOW & LAST MINUTE CANCELATION POLICY – No shows and Last Minute Cancelations Hurt Small Businesses!  When you book an appointment with us, we dedicate a saved block of time for you with a specific hair stylist.  If you fail to show up, that time is lost and cannot be given to another client.  Please keep in mind you are paying us for our time, as much as you are paying for a haircut!  Effective January 1, 2021, we will enforce the following policies:

1.) No Shows will be charged to you for the price of 50% of the original service(s) that you booked.

2.) Last Minute Cancelations within 24 hours of your scheduled service appointment will be charged at a rate of 25% of the original service(s) booked with us.

Unfortunately no exceptions can be made. If you can’t make an appointments, please make your best effort to provide us with ample notice so that we have a chance to book your time with a different client!

First Haircut Mundan Ceremony Chudakarana Ceremony Package – Parent Tips & Tricks:

1.) Sensitive Children Need Special Treatment – Listen up Parents!  If you think your child might be a candidate for excessive squirming or crying, feel free to stop by just to take a “dry-run” tour of our salon, and slowly get your child comfortable with our facility and our staff.

2.) Book an Appointment During the Week –  Our salon tends to be less busy first thing in the morning on weekdays.  Weekdays are an ideal time for the appointment – There will be less distractions for your child!  Further, it will help to optimize their comfort level. Also! Thursdays and Fridays typically work even better than Wednesdays for scheduling.

3.) Space it Out if Necessary – Very Important!  Just 4 Kids is happy to accommodate your child’s preferences and can space out the haircut into two or three sittings over a week if required.

Finally, call Today to Book a First Haircut Mundan Ceremony Chudakarana Ceremony Package at Just 4 Kids Salon!  Click the “Book an Appointment” tab above, or call (201) 653-KUTS (5887).   Finally – Check out some client testimonials about our First Haircut Mundan Ceremony Chudakarana Ceremony Package!

Mundan Ceremony Chudakarana Ceremony Reviews for Just 4 Kids Salon

o Aseem S.
o Upper Chicago, IL


I had an awesome experience getting my daughters mundan done at Just 4 Kids Salon. This place was an hours drive from home and I was skeptical if I had taken the right decision.  My experience at Just 4 Kids Salon was so wonderful and it was totally worth driving an hour. They kept my daughter busy throughout the haircut, and distracted her with bubbles and toys if when she got irritated.  Next, they used a trimmer and even finished my daughters’ head with straight razor as I asked!  This is a Five Star Salon and would highly recommend to Indian parents who want to do mundan ceremony.

Mundan Ceremony Chudakarana Ceremony 2 - Just 4 Kids Salon

o Harmit U.
o Bridgewater, NJ


This is the only place we found in NJ for my son’s first complete hair cut (aka mundan).
– My son loves the car and they had perfect setup with car seat. He enjoyed his first cut and he did not even cry once! I can not believe that! Also, the lady who cuts his hair was very nice, singing and he enjoyed every moment there!
– Finally – I am far away from this place! However I would not hesitate to take my son again there just to have some fun along with his hair cut.

Related Reviews for Just 4 Kids Salon

o Aatika C.
o Jersey City, NJ


Shall I start from the beginning? I loved how flexible they were about appointment timing! Especially considering we had to reschedule last minute because the baby decided to nap.
Once we finally made it, we were very warmly welcomed and taken care of immediately.
The salon was so fun and colorful, my son thoroughly enjoyed the visuals which helped keep him distracted during his haircut, as well. The lady cutting his hair was so calm and knew just how to work around babies who are fussing around.  And she gave him a great cut too!
Would definitely recommend to all.
Coming back for all future cuts!
Thanks for making our baby’s first haircut experience an amazing one!