Facts About Head Lice

Facts About Head Lice – Basics

Here are the simple facts about head lice.  Lice are a common worry amongst families.  Further, there are several misconceptions surrounding them! First, head lice cannot be contracted from one individual to the next via shared swimming facilities.  Lice cannot fly!  Further, they cannot jump between people in close proximity. Also, pets cannot contract and transfer lice to children. This is a myth!  The facts are that they can only spread by direct contact.   This includes the sharing of personal items.  

Personal items can include hats, scarves, pillows and even beds.  Listen!  Lice outbreaks can be frustrating.  However, lice do not pose any negative health effects.  Although head lice are a well-known household species, little is known about their life cycles. Their lifespan has less to do with genetics but more about how they spread and how their symptoms are experienced. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (or “CDC” for short), head lice are the approximate size of a sesame seed and are a pale yellow color in appearance.

Lice eggs (also known as “nits”) take between 8 and 9 days to hatch.  Upon their birth, they strive on human blood for survival thereafter. Without blood consumption, lice typically die within 48 hours.  Feeding on blood from the scalp causes the “itchy sensation,” which is considered the most common symptom of infection.   The facts about head lice are that they spread only via head-to-head contact.  Head lice and are in the top three reasons for why children miss prolonged periods of school.  Although they are a big issue, professional treatment methods exists to effectively eradicate them

The Facts About Head Lice – Who is at Risk?

Absolutely anyone can contract lice. The facts about head lice are that these parasites have no regard for boundaries that other diseases comply by.  Lice outbreaks are spread evenly across all racial, gender and socioeconomic demographics – they are truly “non-discriminatory” in who they infect.  If you have human blood you are at risk – Period!  

The Facts About Head Lice – Outbreak Process

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  Although lice are not indicative of unwashed or unclean hair, it is indeed true that long hair is more susceptible to contraction than short hair.  Once contracted, lice must maintain a steady intake of human blood in order to survive.  For this reason, lice cannot live or breed in abiotic environments such as movie theaters, airplanes, car seats, couches, or carpets.  

The Facts About Head Lice – Lice Treatment Warnings

Several head lice treatment products on the market are highly toxic and potentially hazardous to children.  Moreover, many strains of lice are immune to them anyway!  For this reason, the most recommended solution is to try at all-natural remedies rather than over-the-counter or prescribed toxic treatments.  

The Facts About Head Lice – What Should I Do if my Family is Infected with Lice?

For those who are infected or know someone who is, check out the following “Facts about Head Lice.” These tips are recommended to deal with the experience in the most hassle-free manner:  

Lice DO’S

    • It is recommended to use safe, organic and all-natural products when treating a child’s scalp.  Further, consider calling in a professional with certified experience and a proven track record of successfully eradicating lice outbreaks.  This is because if a single bug or nit is missed, the entire effort can be in vain, and the outbreak will unapologetically recur.
    • Any used clothing, bedding and hair accessories must be washed daily! You should continue killing the parasites.  Further, prevent them from reproducing and re-infecting the host.
    • Once a single member of the family is infected, the entire household should be screened.  Further, schools and workplaces must be informed of the infection.  This helps to avoid the outbreak from  spreading


What Should I NOT Do?

The following is a series of steps to avoid when lice are detected in the household:

    • There is no need to replace furnishings or pillows. Remember!  Lice cannot live more than three (3) hours in an abiotic environment, so this is not necessary
    • Don’t panic!  It “is what it is” unfortunately, and your situation is no different from the millions of other families who have gone through the same miserable experience!  Panicking will only further worry and upset your child!  Trust us, they are already going through enough…
    • Try to avoid using toxic products for treatment.  Most over-the-counter and prescription medications are unsafe for children.  Further, their side-effects far outweigh their benefits.  Treatment can be replicated with more effective, all-natural lice removal products.
    • It is unnecessary to wash your family’s entire wardrobe

The Facts About Head Lice – Parting Thoughts

The facts about head lice are that they are more common and contagious in children than adults.  This is simply due to the fact that children more often take part in play activities involving head-to-head contact.  For this same reason, lice are more likely to be contracted within the home!  This includes sleepovers!  It is less likely to take place at school, where play activities are more restricted. If you would like to learn more about the facts of head lice – please consult certified government agencies, such as the CDC, at https://www.cdc.gov/.

The Facts About Head Lice – Why are Just 4 Kids’ Offsite Lice Treatment and Removal Professionals Different from the Rest?

The facts about head lice are that the ideal process to properly remove them is often very frustrating and time-consuming.  Often, the process often requires repeat treatments.  As such, save yourself the trouble and frustration of trying to do it yourself – and call in a professional!   Just 4 Kids Lice Treatment and Removal Professionals specialize in lice treatment and removal.  We leverage a trusted and effective system for finding and eradicating lice in potentially infected individuals:

Just 4 Kids’ Offsite Lice Treatment & Removal Process:

  • Step 1 – We “Inspect and Detect”

    • Just 4 Kids’ “K9 Team” of technicians are highly qualified.  They quickly and safely perform an initial screening.  This manual hair screen detects the presence of lice and nits.

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  • Step 2 – We “Split Hairs”

    • Our nit-picking methods are awesome.  They provide pin-point accuracy in identifying “hot zones” of lice and eggs within the scalp.

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  • Step 3 – We “Eradicate” Lice

    • Our comprehensive head lice treatment process is guaranteed to safely and effectively remove lice! This is via special shampoos, creams and rinses at our disposal.  Finally, our customized products get things done.  Also, we help to prevent lice and nits from returning!
  • Step 4 – We Follow up and Certify our Work

    • Just 4 Kids’ lice detection, treatment and removal process is second-to-none in the industry.  Also, our comprehensive head lice treatment process is guaranteed to safely and effectively remove lice!  Furthermore, our products help prevent them from returning to your child’s scalp!  Finally, our follow-up treatment and verification process goes a step further.  Way further than our competition!  Thus, we distance and elevate ourselves.  There is a lot of mediocrity in this market!
    • The choice is clear – Just 4 Kids lice treatment and removal services are in a class alone.
    • Our lice removal services are reimbursed by most insurance.  Further, most plans provide reimbursement through health savings accounts (HSA’s).  Finally, check with your provider! They can determine whether head lice remediation products and services qualify as covered expenses.

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In closing, here are the facts about head lice.  It is a frustrating and difficult period for any family.  Do not panic!  Simply follow the steps provided in this guide and everything will work out fine in the end!

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