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Choosing the best hair products is a tough choice in general in the hair industry.  When it comes to your own child, the choice is that much harder!  Knowing which products to choose all starts with knowing the exact hair type of your child.  This exercise is a bit involved but we break it down very clearly for you.  Finally, give us a read as we run through our picks for the best kids hair products 2018.  Some of our selections may surprise you!

Best Kids Hair Products 2018 – Opening Thoughts

Before we take a look at the best kids hair products 2018, let me start out by asking “How well do you know your child’s hair?”  If you read our last blog article, we went into incredible depth on this topic, so if you haven’t yet read it, you should definitely check it out here.

Best Kids Hair Products 2018 – Hair Type

Knowing your child’s hair type is the very first step in being able to select the best kids hair products for them.  Further, this knowledge will enable you to getting their most beautiful hair presentation.  This is achieved via the various styling techniques and hair care products available to optimize their locks.

There are actually four (4) main hair types.

  • Straight
  • Wavy
  • Curly
  • Coily / Kinky

Our blog article “The Importance of Fully Knowing the Hair Type of your Child” goes into great detail of the four main hair types, as well as how to test to see which type your child has.

Best Kids Hair Products 2018 for Straight Hair – Boys

In general, straight hair is easy to style and be “trained” to lay flat, stand up or part from side to side. However, because of its lack of texture (or thickness), getting it to stay in one place is a bit more challenging without using the right kids hair products.

For styling boys with straight hair, we love the Original Blends styling gel.  It is all natural, with flax seed and soy protein.  It provides a light to medium hold, while maintaining a vegan, alcohol-free constitution.  Further, the benefits of flax seeds are manifold.  They contain high levels of Omega-3 fatty acids, which nourish hair follicles  Also, it aids in preventing acute hair loss, scalp eczema and even dandruff!  Finally, the vitamin E contained in flax seeds maintains hair color and prevent premature graying of hair later in life.

Soy protein is also rich in vitamins and minerals.  Namely, protein and amino acids!  Further, studies have shown that soy protein can reduce the risk of certain cancers and osteoporosis.  We understand that we’re talking about external vs internal use, however it also has useful benefits to the health of your hair!

Finally, this products smells and works great.  Overall, we are big fans.

Best Kids Hair Products 2018 for Straight Hair – Girls

Girls generally require less “hold” products then boys because of the natural length and gravity of their longer hair.  Also, while boys tend to style their hair up, girls use their length to their and downward tendency to their advantage.  Conversely, long straight hair on girls is sometimes prone to tangling.  Because of this, we are big fans of the Fairy Tales brand, and their “Tangle Tamer” line of products.

We like the Static Free Detangling Spray as well as the Supercharge line of shampoos and conditioners. The Detangling Spray instantly softens hair while smoothing and conditioning it with natural keratin extracts.  Further, it eliminates frizz, static and fly-aways with pro-vitamins.  Finally, it claims it is great for morning bed head, and faster combing and detangling.

The Super Charge Detangling Shampoo leverages natural keratin extracts to strengthen and fortify hair.  This is a big plus for straight and fine hair if you recall that section of our previous blog article!  Next, it increases manageability to control all hair types, but especially straight hair.

The Super Charge Detangling Conditioner instantly calms straight hair, eliminating frizz and moisturizes with Panthenol and Vitamin E.  Also, it allows for easy comb thru preventing typical struggles with combs and brushes.  Finally, it is gluten, dairy and nut free!

They are all big sellers in our salon, with happy moms our biggest customers!

Best Kids Hair Products 2018 for Wavy Hair for Girls

As we discussed in our blog article on the importance of fully knowing the hair type of your child, wavy hair is the middle of the spectrum.  Typically, wavy hair needs a slightly “stronger” product to either manage your child’s hair structure, or enhance it.  It all depends on your needs.

When it comes to wavy hair types, we have observed that the best seller in our salon is the Fairy Tales “Curl Shapers” line of products.  They have a great Curly Q Styling Spray Gel, Curly Q Shampoo and Curly Q Conditioner (not pictured as it was sold out!).

The Curly Q Spray Gel keeps waves bouncy and frizz free.  It contains avocado butter to retain moisture and increase hair elasticity.  Further, it is fortified with natural quinoa protein and rice amino acids to help strengthen curls and waves.  It has an awesome fragrance of pear and basil.

The Curly Q Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner both work great for detangling unruly knots, defining waves and curls, while taming frizz.  Further they cleanse and hydrate wavy hair, while their quinoa blend help define curls and improve manageability.  Next, it includes aloe for nourishing protection and moisture, while maintaining a safe sulfate and paraben-free constitution. Finally, its secret ingredient – Murumuru butter provides lasting hydration and frizz control!

Best Kids Hair Products 2018 for Wavy Hair for Boys

Our pick for best kids hair product for boys with wavy hair is Fairy Tales Rosemary Repel Styling Gel.  It can be applied throughout damp or dry hair.  Further, it works great for spiking hair up, taming it down or slicking it back.  Further, its proprietary blend of organic rosemary, citronella, tea tree and geranium oils are clinically proven to help prevent lice.

Best Kids Hair Products 2018 for Curly Hair

Let’s face it, when it comes to kids hair products, curly hair simply needs more “love” than the other hair types.  In our experience, there is just a greater sense of urgency from moms and dads for a magic bullet when it comes to taming and styling their child’s curly hair.  It’s no surprise that so many parents turn to this wonder drug of a product for getting their little one’s hair looking its very best!

For baby’s and up, families love Original Sprout Natural Curl Calmers.  Intended for tight, medium and frizzy curls – these “difficult” locks relax, leaving hair glossy and silky smooth.  Otherwise dry and poofy kid-ringlets soak up the soothing moisture of Natural Curl Calmer, leaving curls stronger and softer.  It helps strengthen and protect hair against breakage with fortifying jojoba protein.

Curl Calmer is not crunchy, nor does it leave a sticky finish.  Relax and enjoy the clean feeling of your little one’s silky and frizz-free gorgeous locks.

Best Kids Hair Products 2018 for Coily Hair

So, we’ve reviewed the best products for straight, wavy and curly hair.  Last but not least, is super curly, kinky, coily hair!  This hair type really puts kids hair products to the test!

The key to making a great product for kinky hair is moisture.  In general, kinky hair is the driest of all the hair types, while the scalp itself usually stays naturally moist.  This is because the thick texture of coils naturally blocks the sun’s rays from the scalp, and take the brunt of the heat on their own. The big plus here is that the scalp stays cool, and doesn’t overheat during hot summer months.  Further, the scalp is protected from harmful UV rays, keeping the skin safe.

All curls are seen as beautiful, from big loose waves to tight coils.  However, if your child has coily hair, you know as a mother or father the special care it needs to keep it healthy and fabulous!  As such, it must rely on products much more than the other hair types to provide necessary hydration of the follicles as well as the scalp.

Best Kids Hair Products 2018 for Coily Hair – Just 4 Kids Cradle Butter

Best Kids Hair Products 2018 - Coily Hair Care Products
Intense moisture is needed to keep coily hair hydrated and healthy.

Regarding the best kids hair products 2018 specifically for coily hair, we are huge fans of the already displayed Original Sprout Natural Curl Calmer.  It is safe, smells great, and provides tremendous amounts of hydrating moisture and shine for both curly and coily hair alike.  However, we also decided to make our own all natural product called Cradle Butter for coily hair.  Made from 100% pure coconut oil, it provides intense hydrating moisture to dry hair follicles and dry scalps alike.

Just 4 Kids Cradle Butter can also be applied to outer the mid and upper ends of the hair shaft!  This provides awesome hydration, and can help keep beautiful, coily hair safe during summer months when it is most needed.  We really like the Miracle Detangler product from Original Sprout, and moms and dads do too!

Best Kids Hair Products 2018 – Importance of Protecting Coily Hair

It’s important to take a little extra time talking about coily hair, because caring for it is slightly more important than the other types.  When it comes to coily hair, volume is rarely a problem.  In fact, most coily hair can stand completely on its own!  Where it requires the most help however, is when you want to style it a certain way.  Hence, manageability is the largest ask of coily hair product..

Regarding the products to help manage coils, hair spray is almost never needed at the roots, as the s and z-shaped hair patterns do all of the work!  Conversely, coily hair is typically more fragile than curly, wavy and straight hair due to its few cuticle layers.  What we mean by that is that the cuticle layer of the hair is the thinnest, and needs to rely on protection from kids hair products so that it does not get damaged.  If it does, it will expose the inner cortex and medulla layers of the hair shaft.  You definitely want to keep those inner layers safe from damage, to avoid long-term problems.

When in doubt – just remember – healthy, non-toxic moisture is what protects coily hair best.

Best Kids Hair Products 2018 – Hair Texture

Our in-depth article on “The Importance of Fully Knowing the Hair Type of your Child” went into great detail on the different types of hair textures.  We need to be able to treat each one of them!  If you recall from that article, there are three main hair textures:

  • Fine
  • Medium
  • Coarse

Hair texture has but one determining factor – the diameter of each individual strand of your child’s hair.  A common misconception is when parents confuse hair density with diameter.  You can tell the texture of your child’s hair by simply taking a strand of it and comparing it to a basic sewing thread.  Further, you can test its texture by rubbing a strand between your thumb and index finger. Learn more here.

In general, medium hair can stand on its own, and basically make good use of nearly every type of product.  Fine hair, however, needs help strengthening follicles.  Also, Coarse hair requires some help in the moisture department.

In the hair texture section, we focus mainly on shampoos and conditioners, since strengthening and moisture are what count most.

Best Kids Hair Products 2018 for Fine Hair

Just like adults, children with fine hair require kids hair products with strengthening and thickening properties.  Shampoos and conditioners for kids with fine hair work very similar to their adult-packaged relatives.  Most shampoos and conditioners have the properties of thickening and strengthening built into them.

If you’ve ever observed your child’s hair after washing and conditioning it, you’ll find it much thicker and healthier.  This is because in addition to cleaning it, you are also nourishing it with valuable vitamins and minerals that it loses during everyday life (sun, hard water, impurities in the air, etc.).

Best Kids Hair Products 2018 for Fine Hair – Original Sprout Natural Shampoo & Deep Conditioner

Specifically for fine hair, we are big fans of a Natural Shampoo and Deep Conditioner as opposed to a basic daily shampoo / conditioner system.  Further, we recommend the Original Sprout line.  Their line of Natural Shampoo and Deep Conditioner both smell amazing, and provide added sun protection!  The Original Sprout Natural Shampoo contains organic emollients which detangles hair and leave rinsing efforts effortless.  This even saves water, making it environmentally friendly!  The Sprout Deep Conditioner nourishes hair back to health and undoes the damage of hard water, sun, wind and pollution.

They both contain rosemary extracts, cucumber and fruit, making the Original Sprout line the most fragrant of all the major children’s brands.  This line is a best seller at our salon.

Best Kids Hair Products 2018 for Medium Hair

As we mentioned, medium hair does very well on its own, and simply requires some occasional love to keep it healthy.  Further, we recommend a basic Daily Shampoo and Conditioner combination, which you don’t even need to use every day!

The Fairy Tales Lice Prevention line of products works great for  daily / occasional use.  The Rosemary Repel  Daily Shampoo contains a proprietary blend of rosemary, tea tree, citronella and geranium oils, clinically proven to help prevent lice!  This is a huge plus to parents, because we all know how scary a lice outbreak can be!

Further, Fairy Tales Daily Shampoo contains jojoba and chamomile to hydrate, soothe and provide moisture to the scalp.  Finally, it is super safe!  It contains no sulfates, harsh chemicals or toxins.  In addition, their line is completely free of gluten, soy, dairy and nuts!  This can make moms with food allergies smile in joy (and relief)!

The Fairy Tales Rosemary Repel Conditioner gently nourishes hair, and contains all the same safe and effective ingredients as the Daily Shampoo.  It is an extremely popular line among parents, mostly because of its all-natural constitution and lice-prevention properties.

Best Kids Hair Products 2018 for Coarse Hair

Akin to kinky / coil hair which defines volume, coarse hair defines its thickness (in diameter).  Although similar, they are not to be confused as they focus on completely different properties of the hair.  However, it is true that children with coily hair (type) tend to also have coarse hair (texture).

As for the product selections, we focus on sprays and crèmes.  However that does not mean you can discount the treatment required from shampoos and conditioners.  When it comes to washing kids with coarse hair, we recommend only shampooing once a week.  Conversely, it is wise to condition it nearly every day!  This is because in general, shampoos (although cleaning and strengthening) tend to dry the hair out.  Further, coarse hair is already dry enough as it is!  Conditioners on the other hand, nourish and moisturize, so it is safe to use them every day.

Fortunately, there are many kids hair products on the market that can be used to tame frizzy hair, such as sprays and leave-in conditioners.  These products are designed for all-day use, with initial application taking place immediately after showering.

Regarding our best recommendation for coarse hair, we are going with the leave in combination of Original Sprout and Fairy Tales!

Best Kids Hair Products 2018 for Coarse Hair – Fairy Tales Conditioning Spray

The Fairy Tales brand Conditioning Spray is a little lighter, and can be used more often.  It provides a mist of moisture to the hair, for nonstop protection.  It is made from all natural, safe ingredients.  This includes the lice protection from rosemary, tea tree and geranium oils, as well as citronella.

Best Kids Hair Products 2018 for Coarse Hair – Original Sprout Leave In Conditioner

The Original Sprout Leave In Conditioner product helps to protect against sun and environmental damage.  More commercial of an application than the Fairy Tales misting spray, the Sprout product is a creamier balm.  It strengthens and improves hair structure with vegetable proteins and polymers.  Also, it leaves hair and scalp soft and nourished.  It is light enough to not weigh hair down, while also improving body, strength and manageability.  Like all Original Sprout products, it also smells amazing!

Best Kids Hair Products 2018 – Hair Porosity

As we touched on in our previous blog on hair type, non-porous hair is strong and can stand on its own.  If your child does have porous hair (see here for testing your child’s porosity), there is a great product for you.

Best Kids Hair Products 2018 for Porous Hair

If you recall from our Hair Type article in our blog, children with blonde, fine hair are the most susceptible to porosity.  The best treatment for this, especially for boys is a balm or pomade.  It not only aids in awesome styling, but also provides additional strength and support to the hair shaft.

For boys, Original Sprout’s Natural Styling Balm is great for keeping spiky textural styles in place all day long!  It’s never crunch or sticky, and always clean.  Natural Styling Balm also provides a firm, long lasting hold.

Natural Styling Balm from Original Sprout also works great on girls.  It holds barrettes, ponytails and up-do’s in place, and its firm hold is ideal for fine, porous hair!

The balm contains extracts of rosemary, cranberry and cucumber.  Further, it is 100% Vegan, free of gluten, soy and peanuts.  Finally, it is lanolin free and safe for children as well as adults.  The best part is that it is even more affordable than many other products in the Original Sprout line.

Best Kids Hair Products 2018 – Hair Elasticity

In our last blog article, we discussed explained that hair elasticity is the ability of a hair strand to resume its normal shape after being stretched or compressed.  Hair elasticity is much more of a hot topic with girls than boys, as they typically wear their hair long.  In general, curly and coily hair that is medium or coarse does not need additional help from products.  Further, hair properties with poor elasticity tend to be finer more brittle hair types.  Finally, products that strengthen hair while detangling it work best.

Best Kids Hair Products 2018 for Poor Elasticity Hair

When it comes to improving hair elasticity, we love the Miracle Detangler product from Original Sprout.  The Original Sprout #1 overall best seller, it smells great and makes tough tangles history.

Original Sprout Miracle Detangler is their #1 best-selling hair product.  Tough tangles release immediately, making combing and smoothing effortless.  It is great for highly porous hair, because it strengthens it while it moisturizes!  What this means to you is that you will start to see longer, healthier hair on your child without breakage or split ends.  Its natural ingredients glide through your child’s hair leaving a freshly washed, frizz free feeling.

Best Kids Hair Products 2018 – Lice Treatment / Lice Removal

We all know the chaos that lice outbreaks can wreak on an otherwise stable family.  Feel free to check out our special feature on what to do when terror strikes here.

When it comes to lice treatment and lice removal products, we recommend the following:

Best Kids Hair Products 2018 – Lice Treatment Serums

Ladibugs Hair Care – Pesticide Free Mint Serum – It is a pesticide free product for obliterating head lice.  With instructions that couldn’t get much easier, you simply shake well and apply to dry hair.  Let it sit for 15 minutes and wash out.

Fairy Tales Lice Good-Bye – We love this product and its effectiveness.  It allows for safe removal of head lice and nits naturally, without chemicals or pesticides.  It is the #1 natural lice removal treatment proven to remove lice and their eggs.  Formulated with natural enzymes to remove bugs and dissolve sticky nit glue.  In recent years, there have been confirmed sightings of “super lice” which are increasingly resistant to harsh chemical removal treatments.  Lice Good Bye has been proven to effectively eradicate super lice and their nits.  Each bottle contains a very economical 6-10 treatments depending on hair texture and length.

Best Kids Hair Products 2018 – Lice / Nit Comb

Just 4 Kids Lice Eradicator Comb –  Used in tandem with either Ladibugs or Fairy Tales treatments, this sturdy metal lice removal comb’s micro-grooved teeth allow for superior removal of the tiniest nits.  It doubles as an excellent lice check inspector and can easily confirm the presence of an outbreak.  Further, its rounded edges protect the scalp from harm.  Finally, it is very easy to clean.  If you couldn’t tell we’re big fans.

Best Kids Hair Products 2018 – Conclusion

As you can probably tell, we wrote this article together with The Importance of Fully Knowing the Hair Type of your Child article.  It is essential to understand everything about your child’s hair in order to make an informed decision about the best kids hair products for them.

That is why we have broken down for you the many properties of your child’s hair in the previous article. Now you know everything there is to know about hair type, texture, porosity, elasticity and sebum production!  Further, you will now find it a cinch to pick out the best shampoo, conditioner, kids hair gel, creams, sprays and pomades!

If you enjoyed reading our article, feel free to leave your sentiments in the comments section – we always welcome your feedback!  Further, feel free to email me personally at

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Best Kids Hair Products 2018 – Supplemental Links

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