Educational Kids Toys – Choosing the Right One for your Child

Learning through play is a vital activity in a child’s early development.  Further, play time allows your child to experience fun and relaxation, as well as to release extra energy.  Moreover, by providing educational kids toys, we believe that providing physical and mental stimulation is by far the best method. 

Research has shown that children begin to discover who they really are through play.  A child’s physical and motor functions are just beginning to expand.  By providing kids toys that actually TEACH them something, parents are laying an important foundation in their child’s development.


Choosing the Right Educational Kids Toys – The Basics

Choosing the right kids toys for your child is an enormously important task.  With the growth of the online market, it can be more difficult than ever to choose the right ones.  Various shapes, sizes and colors, not to mention different manufacturers add to this difficulty.

Most importantly, the best kids toys are those that are both educational as well as fun.  They should appeal to the senses, as well as provide physical and mental development.  Research has shown that the best toys for your children should be open-ended.  By that we mean, they can be used in a variety of contexts, increasing their usefulness and lengthening their life before they become boring.  These types of toys promote the development of your child’s imaginative, creative and problem solving skills.  Consequently, this balance contributes to the evolution of their creative (right brain) and analytical (left brain) skill set.

Which educational kids toys should I choose?  Is a question you may often ask yourself!  Well, as mentioned earlier, this is often a large task.  Fortunately, for starters, most toy makers post the intended age information directly on their packaging.  It is a useful guideline to select toys that are age-appropriate for your child.

Educational Kids Toys – Physical Development vs Mental Development:

We mentioned earlier how important it is to select toys to develop your child’s left and right brains.  That is merely the “mental development” side of the challenge.  However, it is equally necessary to select some toys that develop them physically!

Kids Toys Promoting Physical Motor Skills
Sports are a Great Way to use Kids Toys to Develop Physical Motor Skills and Eye-Hand Coordination

Kids toys aiding in the physical development of your child include:

  • bicycles
  • scooters
  • outdoor slip and slides
  • trampolines
  • frisbees
  • sporting balls such as footballs, baseballs, basketballs, soccer balls and tennis balls

Sports are a great way to develop their motor skills, not to mention their hand-eye coordination!  Exposing your child to a number of different “ball games” allows them to help find their identity!  It also provides a way to determine their aptitudes and affections for certain types of sport.  In doing this, you can help them find their passion, even if just during their early years.  Giving them something to be passionate about is a gift all humans should cherish.  The more passion in their lives, the happier they become!

Conversely, stimulating them mentally is also important.  For instance, kids toys such as puzzles, boxes and legos can promote cognitive and problem solving skills.

Benefits of Educational Kids Toys:

During the early years of development, kids toys should be straight-forward, fun and safe!  Further, they not contain toxic substances which can cause them harm.  Educational kids toys provide many unique and vital skills needed in their life, including:

  • Developing their independence and creating positive self-esteem
  • Nurturing their right brain / imaginative skills
  • Problem solving kids toys and learning the benefits of cause and effect
  • Kids toys to promote sharing, compromise and conflict resolution
  • Toys promoting left brain / problem solving and motor skills
  • “Sensory play” toys to develop and stimulate your child’s senses.
  • Dress Up Toys and Costumes to enhance their creativity and sense of fashion

Weeding out the Old to Enhance the New:

The process of selecting the right kids toys for your child is one of trial and error.  This goes equally for both you and your child!  By allowing them to sample a wider array of choices earlier in life, you will help them build a greater identity and discover their passions.  Further, for your own parental education, you will learn what works for them and what doesn’t!  This will help you to make better and better choices as they grow, and the toys themselves become more expensive and complex.  Consequently, as you begin to invest more in your children’s “toy education,” you gain peace of mind in knowing each toy’s procurement will provide benefits that far outweigh its costs.

Conclusion – Choosing the Right Educational Kids Toys for your Child:

In short, each and every child is unique, and has their own set of likes, dislikes and hot-buttons.  As such, you should buy toys according to their taste – not necessarily yours!  Buy toys based on the likes and dislikes of your child.  Earlier in life, the visual skills of your child are very limited.  As such, you will take on a greater role in selecting toys, as there is no baseline for which to choose.

Your best bet can be to choose toys with bright, vivid and contrasting colors.  Further, ensure it is easy to play with and safe from harmful toxins.  Finally, do your best to ensure that it is beneficial and meaningful to the area of development you are expecting your child to grow in (physical, mental, creative, cognitive, etc.).

From there, simply let nature take its course, as you’ve done all you can.  With love and encouragement, your child will find their passion, however long-term or temporary!

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