Everyday Chores can be used as Educational Tools for Kids

Using Everyday Chores as Educational Tools for Kids - Just 4 Kids Salon
Using Everyday Chores as Educational Tools for Kids

Everyday Chores can be used as Educational Tools for Kids

Even the most mudane household chores such as laundry can teach your kid a lesson in counting and sorting while aiding in their motor development!

As the noted psychologist, Dr. Albert Ellis once stated: “Toddlers learn best when they use all their senses. The more they see, feel, hear and touch objects, the better the lessons sink in.

On the surface, household chores are boring.  However, what if we used some creativity in making them fun?  Wouldn’t your child be a little more likely to want to help out if there was something interesting in it for them?  Of course they would!  Also, it never hurts to reward good behavior by buying them a little gift to entice them to help out again in the future!  Maybe a nice new matchbox car or some time out for ice cream!  Parents!  Use these helpful hints to apply an educational perspective to everyday chores around the house:


1) Shapes and Sizes:  Ask your child: “Do you think the flour will fit into the large bowl or do we need a smaller one?”

2) Sounds:  Discuss how a teakettle whistles when the water is boiling. Also, have fun with frequencies and sound waves by tapping a glass full of water!  Next, compare it to the noise it makes when the glass is empty or somewhere in between!

3) Counting:  Ask your child to help you set the table and ask how many glasses are needed so everyone has one


1) Weights and Measures:  Use laundry detergent, bleach and fabric softener (or even toilet bowl cleaner) as a way to teach your child to properly measure volumes in millilitres or fluid ounces.  Furthermore, this will give them a nice little mathematical background!

2) Timing is Everything: Your little one can learn about hours, minutes and seconds by timing washer and dryer cycles.  Consequently, this will teach them a valuable lesson on how to program the machinery.

3) Clothing Geometry:  Have your child help you with folding the laundry!  Check this out!  They can better understand shapes and number of folds required for particular pieces of clothing!


Having fun yet?  Good!  Just wait until we follow up on educational tools for kids to use in the bedroom and in the garage!

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