Kids Birthday Parties – Themes


  • “Alice in Wonderland” Birthday Tea Party – This amazing spa birthday party brings the story of Alice in Wonderland to life! It includes Tiara or “Alice in Wonderland Birthday Tea Party” Hair Bow, kids manicure, pedicure and special decorations.


  • “Beauty Under Water” Mermaid Kids Beach Birthday Party – Perfect for girls ages 3 through 5, this children’s birthday party is ideal for girls who loves the beach, and the wonderful creatures below the sea. Further, this package includes kids manicure, beautiful nail art, “mini” sea facials and more!


  • Princess Royal Court Birthday Party – Every little girl wants to be a princess. Why not treat her to this jewel-themed birthday party theme. Finally, this party includes manicures, beautiful nail art, moisturizing “Royal Ice” facials for girls and hair styling for boys.


  • “Pamper Me” Kids Spa Birthday Party – Treat your girls like royalty! Designed for up to 8 girls, each guest wears a robe during services including manicure, facial, beautiful nail art and more.


  • “Dashing Diva” Birthday Party – A decadent glamour experience is sure to be had with this package! Perfect for girls 6 through 10, the Dashing Diva will leave guests feeling like super models. , Finally, it includes red carpet setup, hair styling, express makeup and more.


  • “Superstar VIP” Birthday Soiree – This is the ultimate kids spa and dance party for 8 lucky girls and boys. Further, it’s great for ages 7 through 12!  Finally, guests will get red carpet setup, paparazzi-style photo shoot, manicure and nail art, in addition to hair coloring!


More Kids Birthday Parties Hoboken Themes


  • “Princess & Munster” Birthday Party – Ideal for both boys and girls, this birthday party theme is suited for kids of all ages. Designed for 8 boys and girls, it includes fun-themed face painting by our professional makeup artists and includes all-natural hair coloring for boys, face paint, temporary tattoos and more.


  • “Munster Madness” Birthday Party – A video gaming tournament experience is perfect for boys! Further, this party package is complimented by face painting to bring out the kids’ most creative imaginations. In addition, kids can compete in Xbox and/or Wii tournament.  Finally, it includes monster face paint, hair coloring and more.


  • DJ All-Star” Birthday Party – The 6 to 12 year crowd will absolutely love this birthday package while they are on the fast track to DJ stardom! Up to 8 guests can pump the beats and take in the fun and musical excitement. As such, the package includes Wii “DJ Hero” gaming tournament, all-natural hair fun color, temporary tattoos and more!


  • “Hoboken Idol” Karaoke Birthday Party – Arrive as girls, glam-up like rockstars and leave as icons! That pretty much sums up the “Hoboken Idol” Karaoke Birthday Party! Up to 8 girls and boys can participate in karaoke and enjoy a range of services including manicure, pedicure, hair styling and temporary tattoos.


Still More Kids Birthday Parties Hoboken Themes!


  • “Custom Face Painting” Birthday Party – Custom face painting is sure to bring out the unique character in your child. Upon arrival, all guests will revel in the artistry of their favorite characters! Next, designed for 8 girls, this package includes robes for the girls to wear during service!  Finally, the party includes sparkling pink lemonade “champagne”, your choice of music and more!


  • “Besties Paws & Claws” Party – Perfect for a small birthday celebration or just a special spa day out for your little one!  The “Besties Paws & Claws” Party will indulge your little princess and 2 or 3 of her best friends to matching luxury robes.  Also, it includes scrub of the month and scented lotion.  Finally, beautiful nail art and more!



Kids Birthday Parties Hoboken – Add-Ons


  • A la Carte Party Upgrades and Add-Ons – Learn about our a la carte party upgrades. There is no “one size fits all” for our customized kids birthday parties. Finally, customize the perfect birthday party for your child and his/her friends.


Kids Birthday Parties Hoboken – Contact Us with Any Questions


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