Summer Camp Packing List

Summer camp is a fun time for families – children in particular!  Putting together a good summer camp packing list is especially important. This will ensure your child has as much fun, and stays as safe as possible.
Summer Camp Packing List - Just 4 Kids Salon
Day camps and sleep away camps are a lot of fun.  However, they may also be a bit stressful to prepare for.  The following list may help!
Packing List for Summer Camp:
-comb / brush                                              -prescription medication
-shampoo & conditioner                             -sunblock / lip balm
-soap                                                            -bug repellant
-toothbrush & toothpaste                           -tissues
-pajamas                                                     -laundry bag
-underwear                                                  -reusable water bottle
-t-shirts                                                       -small backpack for day trips
-sweatpants & sweatshirt                            -camera
-jeans                                                            -flashlight
-hat                                                              -spare batteries
-sunglasses                                                   -notebook
-swimsuit                                                      -playing cards
-swimming goggles                                     -books
-spending money                                         -favorite stuffed animal
-family photos
*Make this a team effort with your child.  This will allow the excitement of summer camp to rub off on them more!
**Remember to verify that the above are acceptable with your child’s particular camp beforehand.  For example, some camps provide bedding, while others do not!

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