Fun Mathematics Reinforcement for your Child Through Educational Television Programs

Fun Mathematics Reinforcement for your Child Through Educational Television Programs
Read on for Fun Mathematics Reinforcement for your Child                                      Through Educational Television Programs

Fun Mathematics Reinforcement for your Child Through Educational Television Programs

Teaching children the importance of mathematics is critical to their development.  Furthermore, a math-savvy child can develop them into a highly productive member of society!  Finally, mathematics can be used in the real world for successfully managing important tasks such as:

1.) Balancing a check book

2.) Determining how many square feet of hardwood flooring you need

3.) Figuring out how many miles per gallon of gasoline your automobile uses.

Reinforcing your child’s knowledge of mathematics in a “fun” way is important.  Further, they will not only learn the skill, but possibly also  develop a genuine interest in it!  Check this out!  Finally, as a suggestion, the following children’s television programs can be used for this all-important reinforcement:

The Mathematics Shows to Watch

1.)  Peg and Cat:

Started in October, 2013, Math is showcased throughout Peg’s adventures with her cat.

 2) Team Umizoomi:

Kids are encouraged to develop, “Mighty Math Powers!” on Nickelodeon

3) Cyberchase:

Three kids saving Cyberspace; available on PBS and Netflix.

4) Schoolhouse Rock! – Math:

Short-animated episodes can be found throughout YouTube that actually aired Saturday

mornings from 1973 to 1985.

Also, check out the following useful educational websites for mathematics reinforcement:

So give these programs and websites a try, and start the positive reinforcement of your child’s education and adventures in mathematics!  Further, your child will be better equipped to handle things later in life

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